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Network intrusion, encryption, industrial espionage, hacking, financial fraud...

I have successfully confronted these corporate threats for over 20 years through federal and state agencies as a computer safety expert investigating computer crime. Having solved numerous cases I have established my reputation as an internationally recognized expert in computer safety. Knowledge and information are everything. This is why I am dedicated to speaking to corporations in order to empower them to securely manage the online aspects of their business. I travel around the world and have published articles as part of my crusade to improve the security of using the Internet in daily business practices.

Far too many people lack the fundamental protections they need to stay safe. Our society is a broadband world, where we have an always-on connection to the Internet and most people keep sensitive personal information on their computers. Anyone online can be a victim of cyber crime. Cyber criminals have moved toward smaller targets and focus attacks on individuals and smaller corporations, motivated by profit. They aim to perpetrate criminal acts, such as identity theft, extortion, and fraud, for financial gain.

If you think no one would be interested in your information, think again.

According to a Federal Trade Commission survey, there are almost 10 million victims every year. Many of these cases start when online data is stolen. It is essential that you are aware of the simple steps, practices and resources necessary to protect your business from cyber threats.

Contact me now and I will send you, with no engagement on your part, an example of my speaking materials.

I am happy to discuss by telephone at (914) 714-3086 how my presence at your next corporate event will make a difference in protecting your business by reviewing secure online practices.


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